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English for Conversation is a set of specialised courses on getting you up-to-speed to have a great English conversation with anyone in the world.

We focus on Accent and Vocal Training educating you to speak English fluently. Whether you want to utilise your skill in Business Life or just have an awesome time with your newly met friend from abroad we have the right trainer for you. [Read More …]

education gateway english for lifeENGLISH FOR LIFE

English for Life is Education Gateway’s flagship. We worked hard for years and years to making learning English you the easiest! English for Life comes in 5 different Levels where we offer you the best knowledge to learn the most.

The Beginner Level says it all. You are at the beginning of learning English. We teach you in a playful way how to speak, read, listen and write English.

Or if you already speak a bit English: English for Life Elementary Level is the course for you!

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Whether you are having your test in half a year or the next month, Education Gateway is able to help you, prepare you and teach you all the aspects of the tests like IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC. Education Gateway utilises only native American and British teachers to give you the best possible learnings available. [Read More …] Education Gateway

education gateway english for workENGLISH FOR WORK

Whether you are a Business Professional with a lot of International activities in need to speak English a lot, or a fresh graduate from school wanting to improve the chance of getting a better paid job, Education Gateway offers you top notch training to help you understand and excel in the English Language. [Read More …] Education Gateway

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education gateway corporate training leadershipLEADERSHIP

Each of us has our own unique style, or leadership style. When we interact with others who have a similar leadership style, communication is relatively easy. When we deal with others who have different leadership styles from ours, communication and cooperation can be challenging.

The most important element of working across different leadership styles is our flexibility; our willingness and our ability to see things from the other person’s point of view. [Read More …]

education gateway corporate training communicationCOMMUNICATION

Exceptional communication skills and the ability to convince others to your way of thinking make the difference between good and great leaders.

Pure communication builds trust, credibility, and respect. One reason is because when you fully communicate, instead of trying to compose your response, the result is a relevant and on-target response. What you say is proof of how well you listen.

In addition to communication skills, a recent survey of Fortune 1000 firms, determined that persuasion skills are one of the top 10 skills managers and leaders need for success. The ability to influence people is regarded as vital to the overall effectiveness of teams and organizations. [Read More …]

education gateway corporate training professional developmentPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Many organisations express dismay over their team members’ lack of basic, acceptable business etiquette and manners. This is often due to people being promoted into executive or other positions where they must represent the organisation in a socially acceptable way.

In many cases, they have never learned proper business manners. The important message is that good manners are about making other people feel comfortable and being confident in a business or social setting representing your organisation. [Read More …]

education gateway corporate training team effectivenessTEAM EFFECTIVENESS

The fact is, however, that Teams are here to stay. They are a part of the corporate and organisational culture and when conducted and led effectively, can have a huge positive effect on an organisation.

Regardless of the complexity of the Team, proper planning is essential to strengthen, shorten, enhance, and maybe even eliminate some members. [Read More …]

education gateway personal development nlpNEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a highly effective methodology for modelling excellence and creating change in yourself and others.

It is based on the principle that all behaviour has a psychological structure that can be identified, learned and adapted to create the outcomes you choose. [Read More …]

education gateway personal development hypnosisHYPNOSIS

This is probably the most comprehensive introduction to hypnosis available in Thailand today.

Education Gateway spent many years of research and practise have gone into the creation of Hypnosis Practitioner and Master Practitioner enabling many to graduate successfully. [Read More …]

education gateway personal development coachingCOACHING

Coaching is about not only making changes but also continuous improvement in life. If you talk about achieving something, it is a dream. If you plan it, it is possible. But when you plan, schedule and do something under the guidance and being motivated by a coach, the chances that you succeed is extremely high.

“Coach” is an old French word meaning “a vehicle to transport people from one place to another.” [Read More …]

education gateway personal development seminarsSEMINARS

In our seminars, we apply Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for wide range of business skills, sports coaching and personal development. We aim to improve your skills by providing excellent techniques and actionable strategies by NLP Master Trainers of Dr. Richard Bandler for improving your relationships and succeeding more in your careers.

You will get practical skills when you decide to attend our program. [Read More …]