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About Education Gateway

Education Gateway is proud to partner with combining the mutual strengths in marketing, exposure, happiness and wealth.

Education Gateway works with SelfGrowth as a solid partner. By promoting and exchanging information, distributing content and helping people and companies all over the world achieving their goals.

You find Education Gateway next to Chiang Mai University in Thailand’s north; our modern school specialises in corporate English training for the service-provider industry, preparation programs for students to study abroad, as well as general English courses for better communication, Corporate Training and Personal Development.

At Education Gateway, we focus on helping you attain proficiency in any English-language environment. Our new, well-equipped classrooms are designed for up to eight students per room. The small size of the groups in spacious classrooms allows teachers and trainers to provide individualised instruction and ensures that students progress satisfactorily. We also offer in-house training in the meeting rooms at your hotel. Our teachers and trainers are flexible, so we can arrange a specific training for your staff outside the office hours.