Job Interview

Job Interview.

Imagine this is being said to you:

“Well done, we think you are qualified for the job! We would like you to come in next week for an interview.”

…What? “An interview!?” You start to think, “I don’t know how to do an interview. What am I supposed to do?” Have no fear, Education Gateway is here! Job Interview.

We all know the situation. We’ve been there time and time again. Not just us, but our teachers too. We all have ample experience on how to approach job interviews and we will pass this experience on to you.  Job Interview.

We will teach you how to:  Job Interview.

  • Write a CV: A very underrated skill. Most people spend very little time actually looking at a CV, yet it is still vital is to whether they let you set foot in the door or not.  Job Interview.
  • Talk confidently in the interview: If you don’t say anything, then I might as well employ the dog. He can apparently talk at the same level as you. We will get you to unleash your inner fears and not be afraid of the seemingly daunting interview that is about to happen.  Job Interview.
  • Not babble: Of course, there is a fine line between talking confidently and talking so much that your interviewer doesn’t have time to breathe! We will get you speaking confidently but also keep you grounded so you don’t go off on a tangent and make your potential boss think that you are too much to handle.  Job Interview.
  • Stay calm and be yourself: If you stop being nervous, that’s half the battle won. We hate the idea of a hierarchical barrier and we aim to break that down. Soon you won’t be looking at your superior as an almighty God but a person just like you who you can learn from.  Job Interview.

Whether you need this class for Thailand or whether it is for abroad, we can cater for your needs. You don’t want to have come all this way just to fail at the very end because you didn’t understand the cultural norms of the business environment, in Asia or outside it. We know what we are doing, so let us help you further your career. After all, it’s literally what we get paid to do…  Job Interview.

Job Interview.