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10 Reasons to Learn English

10 reasons to learn english

10 Reasons to Learn English 

10 reasons to learn englishThinking About Learning English? Here’s 10 Reasons to Learn English!


1 – Become a player in the global job market! 

English is the global language of business. Companies all over the world now require a working knowledge of English. So knowing English could help you get a better job even within your own hometown!  10 Reasons to Learn English.


2 – Learn a universal language.

English is the world’s mostly widely used language, meaning more people learn English as a second language than any other language. In fact, an estimated 1.8 billion of the world’s population speak English!


3 – Opportunities for travel or working abroad.

Though English is not the most popular native language in the world, it IS the language most commonly spoken by travelers in foreign countries. In fact, one could even say that knowing English is like having a VIP pass to a global conversation.  10 Reasons to Learn English.


4 – Expose yourself!

English is not only the language of business and academics but it is also the language of tourism, computing, and diplomacy. So whether it’s knowing where to go in international airports or sitting in on an international conference, English can help you get more of a global understanding.  10 Reasons to Learn English.


5 – Academic access and study abroad.

English is quickly becoming the language of choice for scholarly literature published across the globe. The world’s best universities offer courses in English.  10 Reasons to Learn English.


6 – Access to information and content.

Over 50% of websites are in English. That’s over 322,000,000 websites that are in English as of 2012… that’s a lot of information!  10 Reasons to Learn English.


7 – Increase your cultural understanding and get more authentic entertainment.

Many of the world’s top movies and books are all in…you guessed it… English! So knowing English means you get to watch all of your favorite movies without subtitles.


8 – Everyone is equal in learning.

English is based off of a simple alphabet. There are no hard accents to master and no unpronounceable sounds, so everyone is equal when they begin!


9 – Availability of speakers and opportunities for practice.

With so many English speakers in the world, you will never run out of willing practice partners, English schools, and language centers where you can continue your education.


10 – Challenge yourself!

Though English is a hard language to master, with occasional odd rules and its share of little nuances, there is no doubt that you will be satisfied with your progress the more you learn!


Last but not least – Study with Education Gateway!

We use only the top teachers we can hire. Native English and American teachers or, for example people who already 8 languages fluently. Studying with Education Gateway means Studying your way to Success!


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Just only for You! 10 Reasons to Learn English and have a big, bright and bold future! To your success!  10 Reasons to Learn English.

10 Reasons to Learn English 


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English Slang and Idioms – Part I

English Slang and Idioms

English Slang and Idioms – Part I

English Slang and IdiomsI have a confession – sometimes I change the way I speak when I am in different environments.  Now, this isn’t such a terrible thing if the environment is my English Language classroom; it makes listening and understanding easier for elementary ESL students if I choose simpler words and speak slower than normal.  However, when I don’t want someone to understand me (maybe because I’m playing some sort of game), then I will say something like this:

Deez peeps ain’t followin’ nuttin’ I’s spittin’.

Roughly, I might translate this as:

These people do not understand anything I am saying.

English slang is something that varies from place to place – some English speakers might even find it impossible to understand one another with such huge differences in Conversational English.  In order to help you navigate these difficult waters, here is a list of some common slangs and idioms from American English:

Verbs English Slang and Idioms – Part I

English Word Meaning
(get a) kick out of enjoy
barf, puke vomit
bash crush, beat
blow spend, waste
break it up stop
call predict
con deceive
cool down calm down
crack open open, start
cram study a lot
cruise go fast
ditch leave
eat(ing away) bother, erode
get into something become seriously interested in
get with it hurry up
go(ing) down happen(ing)
hang up quit
have a big mouth talk too much
hustle hurry up
keep one’s cool remain calm
knock up to make pregnant
mellow out calm down, relax
pig out eat a lot
rules dominates
run out of gas lose interest, momentum
screw around waste time
spook scare
take a hike leave

English Slang and Idioms.

Adjectives English Slang and Idioms – Part I

English Word Meaning
(he is) history gone, finished
awesome great
beat tired
blown away totally amazed
bummed sad
cool good
dead boring, quiet
dicey unsure, not definite
dirty obscene
foxy sexy
goofy silly
groovy fun, nice
gross disgusting
grungy dirty
hairy dangerous
high intoxicated (drugs)
hot stolen
in fashionable
laid-back calm, relaxed
lame pathetic, inadequate
neat good, interesting
no sweat no problem
nuts crazy
pooped (out) very tired
straight (answer) honest
stressed anxious
totaled wrecked
up awake
wired alert

English Slang and Idioms.

Nouns English Slang and Idioms – Part I

(it was a) hit successful
a riot very funny
ace very good
action excitement
all-nighter when you stay up all night
ammo ammunition
big stink big issue
booze alcohol
break opportunity
buck money
chow food
cop police officer
damage cost
dork stupid or boring person
dough money
fix dose of drugs (addict)
flashback memory
flick movie
gig performance, job
glitch defect, error
gut stomach
guts courage
hype excitement
I.D. identification (card)
meltdown total collapse
pain in the neck annoying
piece of cake easy
pit stop quick stop
pro professional
psycho crazy person
shot try

English Slang and Idioms.

English Slang and Idioms – Part I