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IELTS Chiang Mai

Education Gateway IELTS Chiang Mai. You are in need to get your IELTS Score and so you need to do the IELTS Test. Your preparation for the IELTS Test starts at Education Gateway.

To study at a university abroad you will need to prove your knowledge and skills in applying English language, if English is not your first language. Your IELTS Score is important here. It enables you to apply at most universities. The IELTS Test is well known by UK, US and Australian universities and is widely accepted over the world.


What is IELTS?

It stands for the International English Language Testing System. This test measures all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In short, it reveals your ability to communicate in English.

Many UK universities will list the English language requirements (your required IELTS Score) on their webpages so applicants know what the requirements are from an early stage. This gives you the opportunity and time to work towards these targets.


“Do you know that when you practice your Reading Skills, you also practice your Speaking Skills?”





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If you want to work or study in the UK or Australia, you need to pass this English test. The IELTS likewise is becoming widely accepted for work and study in the United States. Moreover, because the test entails not only English-language knowledge but also general academic ability, the skills we focus on will similarly benefit your academic work here in Thailand.

Is it difficult? Yes it is. And it needs to be, to ensure that your level of English is sufficient for life and study abroad. Again, apart from English-language knowledge the IELTS requires application of crucial academic skills. We help you hone those skills. We also cover exam-taking techniques with training based on previous IELTS exam papers. IELTS Chiang Mai.

Is it enjoyable? Sure it is! At Education Gateway we make the most of your IELTS Preparation. Since exam preparation is a serious task, through our teaching materials and methods we do make the experience at once useful and enjoyable. We have spent many years in classrooms and know how to conduct courses that are interesting and even fun! 

Your IELTS Preparation at Education Gateway

This course is aimed at students who either have never taken an IELTS test before or need to learn tips and tricks how to take it, or for people who are aware of the procedure of IELTS, however they need to tweak their skills. IELTS is becoming more and more in demand on a daily basis. If you are looking to get into a well-respected University either in Thailand or abroad, this is the course for you. The IELTS Preparation at Education Gateway focuses on four main skills:



In the listening section, you will be taught how to recognize key words in the recordings, as well as how to prepare for each listening section (There are four and they all slightly different). IELTS Chiang Mai.



In the reading section, we will teach you how to answer questions quickly and accurately, unique methods how to attack the sections, and how to answer all the different styles of questions (including extensive work on the dreaded ‘yes/no/not given’ questions). IELTS Chiang Mai.



Speaking isn’t as easy as it sounds. Our teachers are professionally trained to get you speaking confidently, teach you how to join your sentences together and how to prepare for the IELTS Speaking test. IELTS Chiang Mai.



We will work with you on how to write the two tasks. This includes a lesson solely on the vocabulary needed to complete the first task, and attention to detail on how to write an essay, which is a vital part of the writing section. IELTS Chiang Mai.








“Education Gateway utilises only native speaking English, American and Australian Teachers and Trainers.”





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Education Gateway IELTS Chiang Mai Group Classes

90 Hours IELTS Preparation
฿ 24,900 / 90 Hours (Popular)
  • 10% Discount
  • 4 Free IELTS Mock Tests
  • Free IELTS Speaking Test
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  • Flexible Schedule
60 Hours IELTS Preparation
฿ 16,900 / 60 Hours
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  • 2 Free IELTS Mock Tests
  • 24/7 Email Support
30 Hours IELTS Preparation
฿ 8,900 / 30 Hours
  • 1 Free IELTS Mock Tests

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