TOEIC Chiang Mai

TOEIC Chiang Mai.

toeic chiang mai

Oh Dear! You must be thinking; TOEIC is so misleading and confusing. I wish there was another way i could get into a University. Why do i HAVE to have a TOEIC score? TOEIC stands for Test of English Language for International Communication. TOEIC Chiang Mai.

In the words of Bob Marley; Don’t worry, about a thing, because every little thing, is gonna be alright! TOEIC Chiang Mai.

Why you ask? Because TOEIC may be misleading and downright frustrating, but our teachers can explain what is going on clearly so you are not falling for the excessive traps they set out, but you actually know what to listen for or read. TOEIC Chiang Mai.

We have a course set specifically for these needs. Our course targets all of these traps and our teachers will guide you to the correct answers. But they won’t just bark the answers at you; they’ll explain in detail why that is the answer, guiding you step by step through their thought process. So next time you will be able to decipher the question logically, rather than knowing the answer to one specific question (Which we all know isn’t going to help you next time you see a similar question.).TOEIC Chiang Mai.

TOEIC is the better choice for people with a lower English ability. Most people agree that it is easier to get a high score in the TOEIC test than in the IELTS test. This means that if you are one of those people who thinks their English level is quite low, but needs a internationally recognised test to further your career prospects, then TOEIC is most likely going to be the answer you are looking for. TOEIC. Chiang Mai

TOEIC mainly covers the following: TOEIC Chiang Mai.

  • Describing a picture: Exactly that. You’ll be shown a picture and be told 4 possible statements, then you have to match the correct statement to the picture.  TOEIC Chiang Mai.
  • Long speeches: One or two people will talk for just over a minute, during this time you will have to answer 2 or 3 questions on this speech.  TOEIC Chiang Mai.
  • Logical response: You will hear either a question or a statement, followed by 3 possible options. Then you simply choose which option makes sense.  TOEIC Chiang Mai.
  • Reading: You will be presented with a reading passage, then you must answer questions from that reading passage. TOEIC Chiang Mai.
  • Simple grammar questions: I know you love these! Use you experience of spending countless years in an English classroom to figure out what grammatically makes sense.TOEIC Chiang Mai.

We keep saying it’s simple, trust us, it really is! You just need a proper teacher to explain it properly for you. All that’s left now is for you to sign up so we can prove that we’re not lying. Let’s do it. Let’s send you to wherever you want to go. It’s the final hurdle, let’s clear it together… TOEIC Chiang Mai.

Contact Us today for more information, to discuss your needs, to help you set your goal. Education Gateway is here to help! TOEIC Chiang Mai.

TOEIC Chiang Mai.