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Coaching is about not only making changes but also continuous improvement in life. If you talk about achieving something, it is a dream. If you plan it, it is possible. But when you plan, schedule and do something under the guidance and being motivated by a coach, the chances that you succeed is extremely high.

“Coach” is an old French word meaning “a vehicle to transport people from one place to another.” With the help of a coach a person can thus climb the ladder of life by expanding one’s dexterity through the stimulation of performance and by also altering the way a person thinks.

Coaches promote your personal growth. They help people see beyond what they are today to what they can become tomorrow by working on their beliefs and value system.

education gateway personal development coaching business performance coach


Business Performance Coaching – Your unique chance to work with Business Professionals with years of experience. The most important factor in your business are the numbers that show you the results you worked for, hard!

If you don’t know your financials, your business is doomed to fail. You’ve got to know what those numbers mean and the best way to predict how they will change in the future.

You can’t just rely on your bookkeeper, who has an eye on your past numbers. Instead you’ve got to look at changes in your financials, what they mean, why they happened and how to grow them in the future. [Read More …]

education gateway personal development coaching life performance coach


We all need that mentor, guidance counselor, outside advisor or individual life coach to help us with how to see the world around us.

Many times we have our blinders on and can only see one small piece of the pie. Coaches have the ability to see things from 30,000 feet while the best you can do is live on the runway of life.

Life Performance Coaching can add many benefits to your life. At Education Gateway we have the specialists in Life Performance Coaching. [Read More …]

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Have you ever wondered what makes the real difference in sports? Have you ever wondered what the real difference is between winning the game and loosing it?  Have you noticed how some have the ability to come from behind and win against all odds? 

Now you have the opportunity to be the one discovering what makes a difference in your performance. 

Learn how to go into the wonderful state of Flow, go past your threshold and model strategies from others and improve your own strategies during your game. [Read More …]