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Here you are, interested in Sports Performance Coaching. Have you ever wondered what makes the real difference in sports? Have you ever wondered what the real difference is between winning the game and loosing it?  Have you noticed how some have the ability to come from behind and win against all odds? 

Now you have the opportunity to be the one discovering what makes a difference in your performance. 

Learn how to go into the wonderful state of Flow, go past your threshold and model strategies from others and improve your own strategies during your game.

Now you have the opportunity to be the one discovering what makes a difference in your performance. Have you ever had difficulty: 

  • To go into the wonderful state of Flow
  • Go past your threshold
  • Model strategies from others and improve your own strategies during your game? 
  • Create a Winning Mind Design
  • Cope with Pressure
  • Understanding Mental Preferences

Sports Performance Coaching is like no other coaching model on the planet. Here we help you find the answers and build the skills to provide mental training and drive, tailor made especially for you so that YOU reach your performance expectations and exceed your wildest dreams in sports. Your coach is Niels Ammerlaan, Licensed Sports Performance Coach™ (Society of NLP approved). Niels integrates NLP, coaching and hypnosis into a propelling, easy to understand coaching model, that enhances you to that desired next level.

This coaching model was specifically designed and developed by accomplished NLP professionals and coaches that are committed to taking the art and science of NLP deep into the realm of sports coaching and performance improvement.  You are outrageously excited and enthusiastic about your sports and desire an elite knowledge.

Niels has the unique ability to coach you to the next level and beyond by teaching you complex solutions in easy wordings. He will drive the pinnacle into the power of your performance and propel you beyond where you ever dreamed to go. You will gain in abilities to motivate, inspire, focus and propel yourself to go beyond what you previously thought possible was and stretch yourselves beyond what you thought was possible. You will bring your skills and your performance into new levels of success and endurance. 

Education Gateway developed a unique Advanced Coaching method through out the Coaching Matrix™ and Advanced Hypnosis for Deep Impact and Relaxation. Niels has a background in Business and Life-Coaching. He has the unique capability to look at the Process, not the content. Working with Niels is an absolute exquisite experience and is an asset to every High Performance Athlete. 

Make an appointment with Niels to see what the possibilities are. As the proof is by eating the pudding, exercise is the mother of all success, Niels offers a free one-and-a-half hour consultation to make sure the commitment is clear and the goals are set, just before we get started and you propel into performance you have only dreamt of until now. Register your interest, make a free appointment today! 

Education Gateway educates themselves directly with the source, Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP and the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Our Coaches and Trainers are Licensed in Sports Performance Coaching and have earned their stripes in the field of high-performance coaching with top athletes, golf professionals and captains of the sports industry. Contact Us for a free consultation on your need of Sports Performance Coaching.