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English Reading Skills

education gateway classroom courses english reading skills

English Reading Skills

education gateway classroom courses english reading skillsThis article provides you hints, tips and information to improve your English Reading Skills. Practice every hint and tip provided in this article and we guarantee you that your English Reading Skills will improve by at least 100 percent. Remember that Education offers you quality training in a variety of Classroom Based English Training.


First an Introduction

There are a number of skills to master in a new language, and English is no exception. Here is a list of the skills you will need to acquire and develop as you continue learning English:

Listening > Speaking > Reading / Writing

Listening is probably the most important skill you will learn, followed by Speaking. Writing and Reading are not used as frequently – at least at first. However, as you improve your language skills altogether, Reading can become a more important skill and can even help you learn faster.

Using the English words and letters you see every day as practice for your English studying will help you think about English more often; and to learn a language you must practice. Reading skills will help you accomplish this.

And last but not least for this Introduction; Do you know when you are reading, you practice speaking at the same time?


Some Hints, Tips and Tricks!

There are a few things that you can do to help your Reading Skills (and, thereby, your English skills as a whole):


Understand the way you read (in any language):

In your native tongue, you probably don’t spend the exact same amount of time on each word. You may not even read every word.

The same is true for English – if you are reading in English, don’t spend too much time struggling. Chances are that the longer you take trying to figure something out, the less fluid your reading will be; you are likely to forget what you are reading about if you have to take time to struggle through one or more difficult words.

If there are words you don’t understand, skip them!

As mentioned before, stopping your ‘reading flow’ may not be the best thing you can do. Try to finish your sentence, make a note of a difficult word or words that you want to look up, and continue. This way, you do not interrupt yourself, and you increase your vocabulary skills at the same time.

Look for similarities

In English, there are many different forms to keep track of. For example, consider the English word place (verb):

  • Here are some related verbs: placed, placing, places
  • And here are some related nouns: placeholder, placemat,place (n.), places (n.), etc.

If you don’t know the word placing in English, it helps to know that placing is formed from place + -ing. The same is true for cognates and compound words.

If you can, Pre-view and Re-view

Last but not least, knowing what you will read about beforehand helps make reading easier.

Reviewing what you learned, how you learned it, and how to use this knowledge next time will make you a better reader, a better language learner, and a more capable individual altogether. Remember to have Fun! When you are relaxed and smile a lot, you learn quicker and easier!


About Education Gateway

Education Gateway is located next to Chiang Mai University in Thailand’s north; our modern school specializes in corporate English training for the service-provider industry, preparation programs for students to study abroad, as well as general English courses for better communication and Learning Management Systems (LMS). At Education Gateway, we focus on helping you attain proficiency in any English-language environment. Our new, well-equipped classrooms are designed for up to eight students per room. The small size of the groups in spacious classrooms allows teachers and trainers to provide individualized instruction and ensure that students progress satisfactorily. We also offer in- house training in the meeting rooms at your hotel. Our teachers and trainers are flexible, so we can arrange a specific training for your staff outside the office hours.

We offer customised English training for various industries including hospitality, travel and airlines, medical, automotive and manufacturing. Our program is equally suitable for company employees working in general management, secretarial/clerical, customer service, human resources or sales capacities. Both in- house training at your own facilities as well as private training in our classrooms is available.


English Reading Skills

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