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How To Train Your Vocabulary

how to train your vocabulary

How To Train Your Vocabulary

how to train your vocabularyWe receive a lot of questions about “How To Train Your Vocabulary” We have compiled a short list with hints tips and tricks to make training your vocabulary as quick and funny as possible. Follow our easy steps, make them a habit. The more you train with these hints tips and tricks, the quicker you will learn. Here we go: 


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The more you read, the more vocabulary you will pick up. Though it may seem hard at first, understanding the context of vocabulary words is almost as important as understanding the meaning itself.


Look up unknown words.

Independent learning is crucial in mastering vocabulary words in a new language. When reading or watching TV, write down words you don’t know and add them to your vocabulary list! This way, you can make sure you are learning words that are actually used in daily life.


Use memory tricks.

There are many tricks you can use to better your memory for difficult vocabulary words. Memorise multiple words by rhyming them or make an acronym out of your associated vocabulary words. Find out what works best for you- visual, auditory, etc, and use it!


Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Repetition is key for training your vocabulary. You may study 100 words in one evening, but if you don’t practice over and over again, then you will not remember those words.


Use your vocabulary in the context of conversations.

Use what you learn! Impress yourself and others with the new range of vocabulary that you now have. Express yourself and make your speech more complex.


Expose yourself!

Listen to music in the language you are studying, watch native TV programs, go on websites. Any raw language material you can find will help you immerse yourself in the language.


Play word games.

You may think you are not learning when you play a game like Scrabble or Taboo, but such games are actually great ways to improve your vocabulary.


Take vocabulary quizzes regularly.

Test yourself whenever you have a chance, setting a personal challenge is a good way to make vocabulary practice a habit. Create a system using flashcards or an online tool to help you practice. You can also ask a friend to quiz you!


Take pride in your knowledge!

Know the subtle differences between similar meaning words and use them to make your speech richer!

Just a few hints, tips and tricks for your convenience. We are sure you will get the most out of it! Do you have any questions? Contact Us Online, give us a call or visit our Office. You are welcome anytime!


How To Train Your Vocabulary

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