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Negative Emotions Limiting Decisions

education gateway personal development nlp negative emotions limiting decisions

Negative Emotions Limiting Decisions.

education gateway personal development nlp negative emotions limiting decisionsIn doing NLP Techniques that determine negative emotions or limiting decisions, we will work mostly with eliminating the client’s past experience of those negative emotions and limiting decisions.

It is important to determine the difference between these two modalities of intervention. Generally anything that is not a negative emotion is a limiting decision. The explanation for the limiting decision is simple; once you say yes to something, you automatically say no to something else and so limit yourself in one way or the other. As we learn in NLP that all resources and guilt are created in the past and anxiety and challenges are created in the future, firstly we need to zoom in on the phenomena of the negative emotions. Negative Emotions Limiting Decisions.

What to do first?

The first question is, what make people stuck to such negative emotions. Somewhere down the road it must serve a need, make us feel secure and certain about how it serves us. Let’s zoom in on this one.

One thing mostly forgotten while learning is that we experience a lot of emotions and as human nature is trained to stick with something it already knows, failure. It is easy to understand that negative emotions are simply learnings that have the emotion stuck to it. The specific emotion feels so good and so natural that you want to stick to it by thinking it over and over again.

So one of the most important actions for us NLP Practitioners is to guide our client to keep the learning and get rid of the emotion. For example: If you would learn how to recognise a hologram, the fun part is, is that the moment you have learnt to see it, you cannot de-learn it. On the other hand it is pretty funny that this is learning where you do not attach any negative emotion to it. It doesn’t take much time that you store this experience as learning as a resource in your brain and access it whenever needed. Negative Emotions Limiting Decisions.


Negative Emotions

Now let’s zoom into a negative emotions and create the tools to get rid of the negativity and only keep the positive learnings from it. First we need to go back in time and get the client associated fully with that moment. Have your client float all the way back on their timeline, all the way back to that specific event and being above that event looking down on that particular event. Negative Emotions Limiting Decisions.

Ask your client if it is ok for their unconscious mind for them to release this emotion and for them to be aware of it consciously? It is the time now to find the first and earliest event or the first experience of this event ever in their history. Ask what the root-cause is of this problem, the first event which, when disconnected, will cause the problem to disappear?

Ask your client: “If you were to know you do not know, but if you did, take whatever comes up first, trust your unconscious mind now, what is there to have learned from this event, the learning of which will allow you to easily let go of this emotion? As this negative emotion does not protect you, nor protect your body, won’t you be a lot safer if you let go of this emotion and preserve the learnings about taking care of yourself? Won’t it be better to preserve the learnings than the emotions?

If you let go of the emotions and preserve the learnings you will have learned what you needed. Ask your unconscious mind what it needs to learn from the event, the learning of which will allow you to let go of the emotions easily and effortlessly. Your unconscious mind can preserve the learnings so that if you need them in the future, they’ll be there.”


Now get some results

Have your client float in the specific event and continue: “Just float right down into the event and notice that the emotion has disappeared. Have a close look, it is totally gone! Now, only at the rate and speed you are comfortable with, I want you to float back again above the event and start noticing that each and every event similar to this one starts to change too, haven’t they? As a matter of fact they already changed, aren’t they? Each and every event totally changed the way you want, didn’t they?”

Now have your client float all the way back above the now. Guide your client: “Now, come back to now, above your timeline only as quickly as you can let go of all the old emotions on the events all the way back to now, with each subsequent event, preserve the learnings, and let go of the old emotions all the way back to now. Float down into now, and come back into the room.” Negative Emotions Limiting Decisions.

As it is time to test now, ask your client: “Can you remember any event in the past where you used to be able to feel that old emotion, and go back and notice if you can feel it, or you may find that you cannot.” Of course it is time here to test your client until your client is totally convinced, that is were we are for, aren’t we? Negative Emotions Limiting Decisions.


Future Pacing

As the last part we need to future pace the new learnings. Instruct your client: “I want you to go out into the future to an unspecified time in the future which if it had happened in the past, you would have felt an inappropriate or unwarranted old emotion and notice if you can find that old emotion, or you may find that you cannot. OK?” Good come back to now, into the room.” Negative Emotions Limiting Decisions.

Now for the watching-eyes under us, you have noticed that you can utilise trance with this example about handling negative emotions. Also the same is true about handling limiting decisions. I let your creative mind chew on that one for a while. Never the less, I hope you experience and have experienced that the combination of suggestion, trance and timelines is a powerful way to handle negative emotions and limiting decisions. Negative Emotions Limiting Decisions.


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Negative Emotions Limiting Decisions.

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