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nlp คือ อะไร

education gateway personal development nlp

nlp คือ อะไร

education gateway personal development nlp คือ อะไร

nlp คือ อะไร

NLP คือ อะไร?

NLP คือ อะไร – NLP is about how the brain works, it is about how people learn, think, decide, motivate and love life more. And we learn you how to do all of this better, faster and with more passion then you can now imagine! Here’s a sample list of some of the powerful skills that you will learn to harness in the Practitioner course.

This will help you to understand what NLP is about. Imagine having the profound ability to master these skills of influence. nlp คือ อะไร

Rapport NLP คือ อะไร?

What if you could instantly create rapport with anyone? First we will not only teach you but demonstrate time proven techniques for creating and maintaining high level rapport so that people will feel comfortable with you and allow you to interact with them at deeper and quicker levels. Entire books have been written on this one skill alone, it’s so valuable. And you will become a master of it in the very first day. As a result you will become masterfully skilled in creating Rapport!

Representational Systems and Minimal Cues NLP คือ อะไร?

You will learn to determine and experience your client’s reality by learning to discern the subtle cues that people are always giving you. First by learning to hear their descriptive language and observe their eye accessing cues, you’ll be able to discover how a person is thinking, and how to best respond for maximum influence and deeper connections. This is the beginning of working with strategies including learning, spelling, deciding, motivating and much more!

Sub-Modalities NLP คือ อะไร?

Have you ever had the kind of “Ahha!” experience when the secrets of the world seem to all make sense, and it all comes down to one thing? Well, it had to do with really getting to how human beings experience reality, it comes down to sub-modalities. They have been called the “bar codes” of human experience.

We learn you how to shift a person’s sub-modalities to help them create motivation, or create attraction or to move beyond one’s problems. Sub-modalities are used in timelines, belief changes, swish patterns and many more. The applications are virtually endless. They are fun, easy, practical and results producing. In addition we learn you how to shift unwanted sub-modalities into usable actions!

Imagine having the ability to make your future brighter, your problems less intense, your pleasure more delightful, your get-up-and-go super charged, and more, all through the use of one single ability we will teach you in this seminar. 

Anchoring NLP คือ อะไร?

Speaking of anchoring, many people know or have heard of the concept of anchoring but very few people can actually do it very effectively. In this class you will learn the absolutely most precise and effective distinctions on the art of anchoring available today. Whether you think you may know how to anchor or are fully aware that you don’t, you will. You can be sure. You’ll learn to anchor powerful states in yourself and others both overtly and subtly, in all the different modalities. 

Reframing NLP คือ อะไร?

No, not what you do to old photographs. Reframing is the ability to see things in another perspective. Imagine having the ability to change objections and complaints into real advantages. It’s what all the best sales people do the world over. You’re probably asking, “Could I do this for myself?” YES and easily!

First you learn to perfect several different types of reframing applications that cut through objections and complaints like a hot knife through butter! Second you also learn other reframing techniques that are extremely useful in resolving internal conflicts. Internal conflicts that have a nasty habit of getting in our way to success. 
Most of all you learn to apply these techniques naturally, without even thinking about it.

The Meta-Model 
 NLP คือ อะไร?

Have you ever had a conversation with somebody and come away from it wondering what planet they came from? Well, with the Meta-Model you will know. What I mean is that with the Meta-Model you are able to get to the heart of what it is they are trying to say so that you can more effectively communicate with them. Most of all it is powerful and definitely must be used with tact. We make sure you know why and how. Many trainers only know one way to use this model and that is to get more specific information. We will let you in on some other secrets about the real purpose of this model. 

The Milton Model 
 NLP คือ อะไร?

Milton Erickson was the foremost hypnotherapist of the twentieth century, perhaps the best of all time. Richard Bandler and John Grinder applied their NLP X-ray vision to his work to find out the secrets to his extraordinary ability to influence. Finally, the result is the Milton Model, the unique language patterns that had such a deep affect on Milton’s clients. Learn during the training the amazing analysis of Erickson’s methods. In addition we help you create the ability to help you understand and easily apply those very same language patterns to our own communications and have similar impact with your customers, clients and significant people in your lives.

Timelines NLP คือ อะไร?

Have you ever noticed how some times you can be organised and on time and other times, time itself, just seems to slip away? Do you know some people who are never late and some never on time? Hence the way we store and utilise time is a natural process inside of you, an integral part of who you are. During the training we will demonstrate the process and show you how to control, flex and utilise your different perceptions of time in ways that will not only give you more choices in your life. Most of all, it will allow you to do change work faster and easier with more far reaching results into the future. This is so powerful and so naturally a part of you. 
Most of all we learn you how to apply these techniques in daily life!

What will you learn More?  NLP คือ อะไร?

During our training we teach you so much more!  As with most – if not all – of the ideas and concepts taught in this seminar, we will not only talk about these ideas but actually do them with each other. You’ll be amazed to find that you’ll get all the benefits of these life changing NLP techniques at the same time that you are learning them! We’ve had people lose weight, quit smoking, get promotions, find someone special, you name it, without even trying! Just because they are in the process of changing their attitude about life. Become a more positive and skilled human being during this seminar is the goal we reach.

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