NLP Complex Equivalence

NLP Complex Equivalence

NLP Complex Equivalence

education gateway personal development nlp meta model nlp distortion nlp complex equivalenceIn NLP Complex Equivalence is a conclusion. It bases itself on a static belief that gives some conditions. The outcome will always be the same. NLP suggests that this is a close view of potential possibilities. It provides opportunities for learning, growth and change.

Often, complex equivalences are used in the process to chunk up (or generalising) inappropriately. To make summary judgments that do not apply as widely as a person is implying. People will take one situation as an example of a widespread problem. Which may be bothersome, but it is rarely as widespread as they suggest. In addition, sometimes it is as widespread as they suggest. Be willing to accept the rare complex equivalence rather than challenging all of them.

Consequently, keywords to listen for are “A equals B”, “A is the same thing as B”, “A means B”. Remember to make clearly not to confuse them with “A leads to B” or “When A, B” or “If A then B”, which are all three cause and effect statements.


An Example NLP Complex Equivalence.

Take the following sentence as an example: “Well, you coming home late from work is the same thing as wanting to spend less time at home.”. Hence to challenge and question that statement, you can ask: “When did it start being the same thing?”. Herein presupposing that it was not always. NLP Complex Equivalence.

As a result for today, write down 20 examples of Complex Equivalences, in all the possible forms you can recognise them as “A equals B”, “A is the same thing as B”, “A means B”. Again, remember to make a difference between statements that are “A leads to B” or “When A, B” or “If A then B”, which are all three statements of Cause and Effect!NLP Complex Equivalence.

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This blogpost is one in a series of NLP and in specific about the Meta Model Distortion. Come back regularly to check updates as we tend to post frequently.NLP Complex Equivalence.

NLP Complex Equivalence