NLP Nominalization

NLP Nominalization

NLP Nominalization

education gateway personal development nlp meta model nlp distortion nlp nominalizationIn NLP Nominalization is a verb, representing a process, which turned into a noun or an event or a concept. This is something that is more easily dealt with as a verb/process, than a noun/event. We naturally nominalize things all the time. It is a nominalization, “if you cannot put it in a wheelbarrow.” NLP Nominalization.

First of all, people nominalize things to try to get a handle on the, or to be more easily able to refer to them in simpler terms. Unfortunately, the result is often of even greater difficulty to deal with than whatever is nominalized. Doing this sends deceptive messages to our brains. For example, a “decision” is actually the process of deciding. A relationship is the process of relating to someone. By changing the process into a fixed static thing, we can feel it is unchanging and limit our choices for action.

Many people experience the best results while working with nominalizations, simply by denominalizing the nominalization. So, how does that turn out for you? Because it means, to turn the event or concept back into a noun. Like, turning back “love” into “loving”. Like, turning a decision back into deciding. Hence, be aware at this point that this technique is stepping beyond information gathering mode and moving into an intervention process. This causes strong shifts in a subject’s perceptions, even if they do not show you the results of this in obvious ways. Try to determine the ecology of such changes before you help someone with any perceptual changes. NLP Nominalization.


Some Examples of NLP Nominalization

The nominalization “Love” denominalized is “Loving” or “To love”. As you start to wonder how you can explore this pattern in depth more, ask questions like:

  • What specifically does this mean to you?
  • What time or period is important or relevant for this?

As an exercise today, tune up your hearing. Make it a habit to denominalize nominalizations. Some Examples:

  • Love is Loving
  • Decision is Deciding
  • Happiness is To become Happy
  • Observation is Observing

In addition, make it a habit for today, so at the end of the day you are a master of Denominalizing Nominalizations. NLP Nominalization.

More information

In NLP Nominalization is part of the higher chunk Distortion. On its turn, NLP Distortion is part of the Meta Model. Education Gateway provides NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Trainings and Certifications according to the renowned, latest and highest standards set by the Society of NLP. We will train you thoroughly in all the corners of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and some extras we learned from Richard Bandler directly.

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NLP Nominalization