NLP Representational System

NLP Representational System

NLP Representational System

education gateway personal development nlp representational systemWhat do you sense? When you are talking, which words do you like to use? Are those visual, auditory or kinesthetic words? Or maybe even olfactory or gustatory? In the NLP Representational System break down into five major chunks:

Because the utilisation of the NLP Representational System enables us to classify, to scan for, particular language. As a result you discover that one person likes to talk in visuals, the other in auditory. The moment two people have a conversation and use the same representational system, the chance of getting into rapport with each other is much bigger than they do use different representational systems.


Some Examples

Take the following example:

Person A: I think that is a great idea, I can see the picture!

Person B: Yeah! I can hear the music, it sounds good!

What do you think? Will there be Rapport between the two? Do they come even close to understand each other? Now, take the following example:

Person A: That sounds great, I can hear the music!

Person B: Yeah! I can hear the music too, it sounds great!

In the second example, both persons use the same representational system. As a result, there is better understanding. So the chance of having rapport between the two is much bigger. And that is wat we want! We want to have quick Rapport to gain better understanding.


And some exercises

Especially relevant you can exercise this easily every day. Therefore start to listen to the language the person you are having a conversation with. The next part is to do little experiments. First you copy the representational system your partner is talking in. See if you get better understanding. Feel if you have better rapport. Hear if the conversation is getting better and better. Then, the next step, is to switch deliberately to another representational system. So if your partner talks Visual, you talk Audio. When your partner talks Kinesthetic, you talk Visual. The options are legion! See what happens when you switch from being in the same Representational System to the opposite of it.

Another good exercise it to make lists and lists of visual, auditory and kinesthetic words and sentences. This will train and educate your brain to literally scan for the language used. The more and more you get used to do this, the more this NLP technique starts to pay off in getting quick rapport. We have created some examples of Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory modes. Just for your convenience, to get you up to speed!


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NLP Representational System