NLP Testimonials

NLP Testimonials

NLP Testimonials

education gateway personal development nlp testimonialsRead for yourself, all about our NLP Testimonials of the Practitioner Trainings. Read about how participants have learned, experience more joy in their life, programmed themselves for health, wealth, success and happiness.

Education Gateway not only teaches NLP, we also utilise great environments and provide an ambiance to network with like-minded people. “How much pleasure can you stand” is the concept that is in our minds.


Tanai Vipasthavach attended our NLP Practitioner Training:

“This NLP Practitioner program teaches you about human behavioural through our five representational systems; visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory, gustatory and practice to bring anyone into Trance that leads to deeper belief in your unconscious mind. After attending this program, I am able to change and create new mindsets that are useful for myself and the people I love around me. It makes me able to change and shift myself from old beliefs, opening up for new worlds and new experiences. I highly recommend attending this program that you can apply for yourself, friends, family and anyone around you. “

Tanongsak Niemprem about the NLP Practitioner Training

“After attending the NLP Practitioner at Education Gateway, I feel much more confidence in myself and understand by applying NLP myself even more. Before I attended this course, I used to read books and watch Youtube about Neuro Linguistic Programming, but I did not understand about NLP. As a result, I think if everybody attends this NLP Training, they will understand themselves more. By attending this course, it gives many answers about my life, especially about my family. In conclusion, after I attend this course, I am able to build and communicate with meaning and in details to my two little daughters. In my family, we understand each other even deeper. I recommend everyone who have a chance to attend this program, you should do so.  No only it will benefit yourself but also benefit your family and your community too.”

Suwida Moolsin about the NLP Practitioner Training

In the 7 days class, I learned and practiced the Structure of NLP in the systematic way. Questions and doubts slowly disappeared day by day. Every pictures, sounds, and feeling that created confusion in my life, it had been gone within 7 days. I think it is miracle. Believe it or not, every single day that I finish NLP class bring surprise to my life. My husband told me that he feels the new person within me like he gets a new wife-more that is more relaxed. As a result, my friends asked me what I did do to myself. Why my face is so bright? I tell almost everybody that ‘I see the new world in my old world’. Since I finished the course, I use NLP techniques every day and every time wherever I can. This course gives me better relationships with my family, I am better able to see-hear-feel the way they are. I understand my little boy without a word, I hear what my husband wants to tell me in his way. The relationship with my husband totally changed by love, gratitude, and respect each other even more. As a result, we are truly respecting each other opinions. I understand my parents even deeper and I support my sister to do what she wants to do. Since I finish this course until now, I use NLP techniques in my daily life. My life is full of energy, have good people come to me, feel good with good pictures and voices inside myself. It brings happiness and drives me to do things in my life with passion.”

Some Great video NLP Testimonials:

See what Savitri Akkaramas says about Education Gateways NLP Practitioner Training and Certification. More NLP Testimonials to come.

Education Gateway provides NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Trainings and Certifications according to the renowned, latest and highest standards set by the Society of NLP. We will train you thoroughly in all the corners of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and some extras we learned from Richard Bandler directly.

For more information about our NLP Trainings, please click this link or contact us. All NLP Trainings provided by Education Gateway are Licensed by the Society of NLP. Upon successful completion this certificate will be awarded to you. Delivered to the door-step, ready for the frame!


LP Testimonials