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Rats Jail and Miami Vice

education gateway personal development nlp rats jail and miami vice

Rats Jail and Miami Vice

education gateway personal development nlp rats jail and miami viceMotivating in Jail

At the gate a male guard is smoking a cigarette just in front of the sign “Correctional Unit for Drugs Addictions” and my mind goes “this is a contradiction, a big contradiction it even does not lack any thing like referential index”, just to abuse an NLP term, the abuse of dual standards, my newly invented term on the spot. By the way, serving time in Thai prison here is not like we are used to remember as prisons in our western culture. In the western hemisphere of the world, prisons are more like a hotel; these are places in Thailand you want to stay far-far away from. On the other hand, it is a great experience to see what is happening inside the walls. An opportunity I will not go let by. Rats Jail and Miami Vice.

We have to start at 9:00am sharp. As we approach the entrance, a female guard asks what the purpose of our visit is. My first impression of her is that she has the same looks as one of the bad guards of an early James Bond movie. “What is your business here, Mr Bond”, my mind goes. We have to handover our identification trough a metal gate. In slow motion I see my passport and visa go to a section that is beyond my powers to access now. Another guard is guiding us to a waiting room that is cleaned on the spot. Women walking in and out like busy bees, carrying the unneeded stuff out of the room. All that is left is seemingly the introduction of Ikea in prison waiting rooms.

At a sudden the door opens. The female version of Crocket and Tubbs walk in. “Did the channel change to Miami Vice in the Twilight zone” I think involuntarily. One putting car keys of a BMW on the table and the other, not saying a word, keeping her sunglasses on staring at me. Obviously they are here to guide a handcraft workshop with female inmates. There goes my presupposition of Crocket and Tubbs. I have to grin shortly realising my mind can make up wild stories within an instance. Rats Jail and Miami Vice.


Door after door

Again the door opens. A guard in uniform and 3-stars on the shoulder walks in. We have to follow her. The gate where we had to stick our identification trough the other side, now opens slowly. The door is more massively made of steel than my previous indication. Oui has a bag with a laptop and some presents for the prisoners. Baby powder with a scent. “Medai” the guard says. Cannot bring this into the prison.

As soon as I see it, my mind correlates “Powder, white, correctional-facility-for-drugs, hmmm, looks like ….” We have to leave the bottles with powder behind. It could be sold as a substance and even so, it could be a substance they could not check there. Lessons learnt, next time think better what you want to buy as a present. Oui’s bag is inspected thoroughly. We have to put all our electronic devices into a small safe. Oui gets a visitors badge. I go “Why do I not get a badge?”. “Are you a women?” Oui asks rhetorically. My mind goes: “Shit, missed that one.” Another door opens and a tremendous heat comes in. We start walking. Two guards, one with a stick and a high starred officer guides us to the location where we have to be. Rats Jail and Miami Vice.


Uncomfortable pick nick tables

A humongous area, with uncountable and the more uncomfortable pick nick tables, although this is not a pick nick area covered by a cheap cover against the rain, is all that is at our disposal. I am sitting at the right, in front of the stage. Around one hundred women are being guided to listen to us. They sit down.

Some elderly to the right but most young ones to the left. It depends how you look at it. I sit sideways so I can view the stage, the audience but also the kitchen in the open air. The dishes are washed in a rhythm while cutting the vegies further on. It is almost making music with the most primitive instruments available. In a glitch out of the corner of my eye, I see something black approaching over the floor. Is it a pigeon? Is it a spider? No, it is a well-fed rat! Rats Jail and Miami Vice.


How much Time?

The beamer is connected. Gees Louise! How much time can it take? On the other hand, we have to be graceful for the fact that we are allowed to carry a notebook into the prison walls so we can show some video that is real, catching, and supports the story being told. An old beamer screen is held into position by two heavy plant-pots. An old desk takes care of the function to support the projector. One up one down, one sideways is the concept that is in my mind. Awaiting my time, I start waiting, listening to the environment that has so many things to tell. Rats Jail and Miami Vice.

It turns hot, freekingly hot. A woman serves me coffee, some water and cake, wrapped under cling film. At this point, around 30 women are staring at me. I have coffee and water, they have nothing but jet another story to hear on to. Unknown to me what their conviction is Oui starts talking and my Thai is not trained, I do Thai boxing anyway, my mind drifts off with her story. Seeing her silhouette against a white wall, holding her microphone. In front of that wall a large amount of barbwire. In front of that, the one I love, the one that is my wife, my Oui. Rats Jail and Miami Vice.

Opposite Sides

As the warmth has the opposite of cold, the same is true about an iceberg in the sea. You only see the top floating above the water. The same is true about our thoughts. As we think we have done our best our unconscious only just have started and warmed up. As Oui continues; It is not the aspirin that you take that makes your headache go away, it is your body’s response to it. The same is true about taking drugs. Some girls giggle. At the look at their face you see the seriousness returning quickly. Rats Jail and Miami Vice. Rats Jail and Miami Vice.

In the audience is an elderly woman. Clearly she sees my reaction when the rat slips by She has to smile a bit when she sees my surprised reaction. As the rat sits behind the fence under a table with humungous pans of rice. I ask myself: Who has a better life: this rat inside the prison or people with no food outside? Does the rat knows he is in prison or as it is tidily being called at the entrance “Correctional Facility”? Rats Jail and Miami Vice.



Happiness comes within. It is not created by swallowing a pill or putting a syringe in a vane. It is already there deep down inside of you. Oui stands like a rock telling her story with guts as she continues to tell: “The rewards are at the next level, nothing happens when nothing happens.” Rats Jail and Miami Vice.

I unwrap my coffee and slowly take a sip. They have done everything to make it as comfortable as possible. Milk and sugar already inside the coffee. The rewards are at the next level Oui repeats and shows another slide. Dark of nature the slide shows only bad words. But if you take a good look around, you see them written around a white silhouette painting words of love and peace that comes within.

Some women cry. You decide what to see, you go for the black you stick with everything you have every time you done before. You go for the white, you know it is already deep down inside of you. From the tip of your head to the top of your toe. From the inside out through the outside in, from the left hand to the right and from the right hand to what needs to be left alone, and some things need to be brought inside of you. And the first simple thing that needs to be brought inside of you is the fact that love comes from within. Without a question. Rats Jail and Miami Vice.


Vivid Imagination Helps

If you imagine that the earth is spinning eight hundred twenty five kilometers around it’s axis two hundred thousand kilometers per hour around the sun. And nobody knows the speed of the sun as we are racing trough a dazzling speed trough space, who needs to have a second thought to love yourself.

Good thoughts are made in universe, magnetically connected as we only have to tune in at the right frequency. And if you want to have another thought, Oui demonstrates; Or do you want to get rid of that one bad thought, put your left hand out and pull it out with your right hand to your left and smash it. Just smash it. Some women look at each other but it doesn’t take long before they smile. “It works” some women yell. Unstoppable she continues to show some more pictures, all have in common “what do you see”. Rats Jail and Miami Vice.


Da rat in da kitchen

As the rat sits in the kitchen still, seemingly listening to the story told, the shade of the barbwire grows over the white wall. Even the wind becomes hot right now. My butt hurts because of the wooden pick nick table and still it is not a pick nick yet. Oui shows one last video about a man without arms, without legs, living a life with all kinds of obstacles.

How do you brush your teeth without hands or feet? How do you eat? How do you dress yourself? This moment captures all the attention of the audience, noticing that what they have done is a stupid act by seeing someone with such a great persistent power. After the video shown, an applause rises out of the audience. Some women are silent, others cry. They take a lesson for the moment they will walk out of this prison soon. Rats Jail and Miami Vice.


Starbucks on the way Home

We walk back the place were we came from and pass by Crocket and Tubbs at the woodman craft class. I still wonder which wood is crafted here. The walk back makes me realize these women here today will walk out here soon too. The same road we are walking now. As seemingly this road looks longer than the way in, I do not know why. The drive to get better, to be better and to improve day by day settles the knowledge that this only has been four hours in prison, makes me realize that there are a lot of good thoughts at this earth. It only depends which point of view you utilize. Are you the rat in prison kitchen or a person without a name without food outside? It is only a matter how you look at things. Rats Jail and Miami Vice.

Today made me realize Starbucks is there soon, Miami Vice was a hype and “Da rat in tha kitchen” has a good life. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger! Rats Jail and Miami Vice.


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Rats Jail and Miami Vice

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