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English Speaking Skills

education gateway classroom courses english speaking skills

English Speaking Skills

education gateway classroom courses english speaking skillsThis article provides you hints, tips and information to improve your English Speaking Skills. Practice every hint and tip provided in this article and we guarantee you that your English Speaking Skills will improve by at least 100 percent.


First an Introduction

One of the most important skills you will need to develop as you continue to learn English is Speaking.

Other than Listening, Speaking is probably the most important of all the different language skills; speaking serves as a direct means of communicating your thoughts to the outside world. Listening requires recognition of words and structures, but Speaking demands a greater understanding altogether: the speaker also needs to synthesise his or her own ideas and project them outwards. We offer specialised courses for IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC in the four quadrants of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Speaking requires your full concentration, and improvements to your speaking do not happen overnight. But there are a number of things you can do to adopt a more strategic approach to enhance your speaking easily. This is an eBook compiled for you to make Speaking English Easy!


Hints and Tips to Learn to Speak English Easy!

Learn the alphabet and the sounds of the letters

Learning the sounds each letter makes is the first thing you should do when beginning to learn a new language. Some of the sounds may be unfamiliar or even nonexistent in your native tongue. But until you adopt the framework of the language you are trying to learn, you may find yourself struggling.

Practice putting sounds together

Begin to understand what letters sound like next to one another. Knowing the basic sounds is important, but not being able to integrate them is like knowing the numbers 0-9 but not being able to form numbers like 10 and above. Some examples you can practice are: ‘ng’, ‘th’, ‘ch’, ‘ph’, ‘ou’, and ‘sh’.


First, practice Speaking simple words

Use what you have to build a solid foundation; it is impossible to build on your knowledge of a language without understanding the basics. Use structures you are familiar with (simple ideas to convey complex notions).


Next, build your Speaking Skills

When you have a solid foundation (even if it doesn’t feel solid!), there are a number of things you should work on. Work on your vocabulary; try new things with your speech, practice conveying complex notions with small words.


Be confident!

Too often in my classes, a brave student will speak up when everyone else is silent. I ask the student to clarify, or tell them I did not hear what they said, and they say ‘never mind.’

  • Just because I can’t hear you does not mean you aren’t correct. It does not mean you shouldn’t try.

You will have to make some mistakes to get better. Speak up, be confident, and learn faster than everyone else.

Read Simple Books

This will sound funny, but when you read simple books, you practice speaking in your head! How easy can life be?

Start addressing every object you see in English

To train your vocabulary, start addressing every object you see in English. So when you walk on the street, you go: “Road, Car, Bike, Motor, House, Window, Fence, Person, Male, Female” and so on, and so on. Do it quick and speedy so you embed the words for later use.

Practice your Speaking Skills with Friends – Make it a Game

Practice with your friends. Listen closely to each other and learn new words together


About Education Gateway

Education Gateway is located next to Chiang Mai University in Thailand’s north; our modern school specialises in corporate English training for the service-provider industry, preparation programs for students to study abroad, as well as general English courses for better communication and Learning Management Systems (LMS). At Education Gateway, we focus on helping you attain proficiency in any English-language environment. Our new, well-equipped classrooms are designed for up to eight students per room. The small size of the groups in spacious classrooms allows teachers and trainers to provide individualised instruction and ensure that students progress satisfactorily. We also offer in-house training in the meeting rooms at your hotel. Our teachers and trainers are flexible, so we can arrange a specific training for your staff outside the office hours.

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English Speaking Skills