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Why Study English at Education Gateway

why study english at education gateway

Why Study English at Education Gateway

why study english at education gatewayWhy Study English at Education Gateway? “This is Your Class”

While we offer a number of classes at Education Gateway, there is a unifying thread that weaves into each and every course we host:


What do you want to Study?

If you want to study Speaking and Conversation in British English, then we have a class for you. If you want to learn to speak in an American dialect, with a focus on slang or everyday speech so that you can understand everyone in a foreign country, then we have a class for you. If you are interested in studying grammar, perhaps in preparing specifically for an exam (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, etc.), we have teachers just waiting to work with you. Even if you want a class like Language Differences in Hollywood Movies, Music, and Art – we can create your class together.


What we Believe

Here at Education Gateway, we believe in the power of you. If you have an idea of what you want… And you are able to relate this idea to us, then why shouldn’t you get what you want? We want you to excel in what you do and what you know you want, and we serve you as the leaders that help you get there. Our teachers are diverse and highly skilled, and are more than happy to teach what you truly want to learn.


You, please do Ask!

There is something I ask my students at the beginning of every single class – sometimes it is during the first class, sometimes afterwards. I ask them to explain to me why they are taking this course. What do they want to learn? Is the class for an exam, for travel, for business? At the end of the day, I can offer a range of material and information to my students. In a number of different fields. But until you as the student are able to tell me what you want to learn, I am only waiting to find out how to make the classroom your own.

You signed up for this class – the class is yours. This is the reason to why Study English at Education Gateway!

PS: If you are looking for more reasons to study English, please have a look here!

Why Study English at Education Gateway

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