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Work at Education Gateway

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Nice to know about Education Gateway:


[quote]Working at Education Gateway means you are passionate about Education.



[quote]We are constantly looking for high-skilled professionals.



[quote]Education Gateway offers a relaxed but dynamic working atmosphere.



[quote]We offer not only an excellent salary, we are well known about our Secondary Benefits Package. [/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]

Work at Education GatewayAbout Education Gateway

Education Gateway is located next to Chiang Mai University in Thailand’s north. Our modern school specialises in corporate English training for the service-provider industry, preparation programs for students to study abroad, as well as General English courses for better communication and Online Learning Management Systems (LMS). Education Gateway offers customised English training for various industries including hospitality, travel, airlines, medical, automotive and manufacturing. Our program is equally suitable for company employees working in general management, secretarial/clerical, customer service, human resources or sales capacities. Both in-house training at your own facilities as well as private training in our classrooms is available. Work at Education Gateway.

Work at Education Gateway

In work at Education Gateway, we focus on helping our Corporate Clients and Students to attain proficiency in any English-language environment. Our new, well-equipped classrooms are designed for up to eight students per room. The small size of the groups in spacious classrooms allows teachers and trainers to provide individualised instruction and ensures that students progress satisfactorily. We also offer in-house training on-site. Our teachers and trainers are flexible, we can arrange specific trainings outside office hours, customised and tailor-made where needed. Work at Education Gateway.

Work at Education Gateway means joining a team that is passionate about what they are doing. We believe that “It is not who you are, it is all about who you know.”. Networking, Online, Collaborating, Short Projects are some keywords that are focus on executing the job. Delivering high-quality training and education is the result.

Available Positions Work at Education Gateway.

We are constantly looking for high-skilled professionals that want to join our team. Either on Project or on Contract Basis. Work at Education Gateway.

[twocol_one]Marketing and Sales:

  • Sales Manager Work at Education Gateway.
  • Sales Executive Work at Education Gateway.
  • Product Manager Work at Education Gateway.
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager

Management: Work at Education Gateway.

  • Personal Assistant Work at Education Gateway.

[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Education: Work at Education Gateway.

  • English Teachers
  • Chinese Teachers
  • Education Consultant

Web and Online: Work at Education Gateway.

  • Web Developer
  • Graphic Designer

[/twocol_one_last]If your profile does not fit with the current open positions, yet still you believe you are a valuable asset and addition to our company, we invite you to send your resume and short motivation to [email protected]. Please send your documents only in MS-Word format.[/fourcol_three_last] Work at Education Gateway.

Work at Education Gateway